Residence permit  for the purpose  of medical treatment  is issued  for those who will receive medical treatment in Hungary or accompanying a minor or a family member  for the same purpose.

•The health care institution’s formal letter of acceptance related to the prospective medical treatment;

•Proof of relationship  in the case of accompanying a minor or a family member  (birth certificate or marriage certificate);

•Kindly  make note that the birth or marriage  certificate has to be certified by Apostille certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait.

•Proof of sufficient financial means for the duration of the intended stay (bank account statements of all accounts up to 6 months, pay slip up to three months or sponsor’s pay slip up to 6 month and declaration of financial support);

•Confirmation of prearranged  accommodation (health care institution, commercial accommodation or lease agreement along with the deed of ownership form the land register related to the latter);

•Travel insurance for at least the whole duration of stay (minimum coverage shall be EUR 30 000);


Application Form

For more information please visit: Residence permit for the purpose of medical treatment