Multiple-entry visas


For Kuwaitis:

According to the EU Commisson's decission, Kuwaiti citizens wil be granted for a 5 year visa if the applicant submit the proper and valid supporting documents required. The visa request will be refused if the applicant will fail to submit valid documents (i.e.: cancelled or false air ticket, cancelled or false accomodation booking, false documentation etc.)

For non-Kuwaitis:

Multiple-entry visas with long validity may be issued for one, two or multiple entries. The Visa Code sets out rules on the issuing of multiple entry visas with a progressively longer length of validity:

1 year, if the applicant has used three visas within the previous 2 years;

2 years, if the applicant has already used a 1-year multiple-entry visa within the previous 2 years;

5 years, if the applicant has already used a 2-year multiple-entry visa within the previous 3 years.

A visa is refused if the applicant:

  • presents a false travel document;
  • gives inadequate justification for the intended stay;
  • provides insufficient proof of means for the stay or for the return home;
  • has been the subject of an alert in the Schengen information system set up under Regulation (EU) 2018/1860 (see summary) for the purpose of refusing entry;
  • is considered a threat to the public policy, internal security, public health or internal relations of EU countries;
  • presents insufficient travel medical insurance.