Public holidays in 2020:


1          January                    New Year’s Day

25        February                  Kuwait National Day

26       February                   Kuwait Liberation Day

15        March                       National Day

22       March                       Israa wal’Miraj (date varies)

12-13  April                          Easter Holiday

1          May                         Labour Day

24-26 May                           Eid Al-Fitr (date varies)

31        May                         Pentecost

1          June                        Pentecost

30       July                           Arafat Day (date to be confirmed)

31        July                          Eid Al-Adha (date varies)

2-1       August                     Eid Al-Adha (date varies)

20       August                      National Day, New Hijri Year

29       October                     Prophet’s Birthday (date varies)

1          November                All Saints’s Day

24-26 December                 Christmas