Three Hungarian musicians invited three other musicians from the region, who are representatives of Slovak, Czech and Polish folk/ world music sceen to set up an informative, interesting, deep and though entertaining concert for demonstrating their special skills and attiudes in collaboration, cooperation with the exceptional communication chanells of musical languages. This flow of musical communicaton is built on the interrelation, interdependence and old friendship of our cultures and peoples during hundreds of years of our common History in Central Europe.

Venue: Abdulhamid Abdulredha Theatre- Salmiya

Time: 6 February Tuesday, 19:30 



The V4 Groove & Voice Band: 


Irén Lovász: (vocal) HU


Kornél Horváth (percussion, flute) HU


Zoltán Mizsei, (vocal, synthetiser) HU


Stanislav Palúch (violin) SK


Jitka Suranska (vocal, violin)  CZ


Szczepan Pospieszalski (trumpet) PL